Thanksgiving Table Settings

If we’re cooking a 22-pound turkey someone better be setting the table! Seriously though, a lot of planning and energy goes into food preparation, so its nice to also enjoy the shared meal together by creating tablescapes to make the Thanksgiving festivities that much more inviting. No matter how small your space, how big your guest list, or how “affordable” your seating and tableware that you will be using is, dressing up the table settings can always add that extra touch of holiday spirit and tradition that is welcomed and enjoyed by guests. Our house is under 2,000sf and requires us to set up tables and chairs in our living room in addition to those in our dining room so we can accommodate the approximately 15 family members we host each year. These may be fold out table and chairs, but we don’t let it stop us from setting places for our guests.

In 2016, we walked the grounds of our farmette and took clippings from fall foliage that we thought would make great additions to the tablescape. We also printed coloring sheets to include at one of the tables for the kids which was an entertaining addition for the younger guests.

In 2017 we replaced the collected foliage with some fabric leaves and a flower bouquet. While the white tableware we use from year to year is nothing fancy, we did decide to start pulling out the crystal wine glasses for the main table settings. There can be nice sentiment behind the use of certain items as well. Such as the crystal wine glasses being Ashley’s grandmother’s to go along with the table, buffet and china cabinet being my great grandmother’s.

Cloth napkins with a ribbon tie is not really practical, but we have included it every year and it definitely adds a nice touch. In 2018, we also included some “jewel” variety corn from my brother’s garden, which had such an amazing harvest color to it. This was also a nice touch similar to the foliage we included in 2016.

This past year, in 2019, it was fun to throw in some new table cloths and runners to add a new flavor to the table settings. Whether small touches or going all out, making sure to bring your tablescape game to turkey day is a fun way to create traditions your children will want to carry on when some day they host their own Thanksgiving Day dinners.

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  1. This Thanksgiving I’m grateful to be part of such a great family. I’m proud of our younger generations and how they are becoming all we have hoped for. I thankful to God for looking over all of our loved ones that are now with him. I feel blessed to be this lucky!

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