Spectrum Farms

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Flowers at Spectrum Farms

We grow to grow! In growing we find our joy in the everyday. Our desire is to put our farmette to purpose to provide the opportunity for our customers to enjoy the beauty of nature in their homes, at their places of work, and during their special events through our locally grown cut flowers and freshly made arrangements.

Cottage Food Establishment

Find the “flour” side of Spectrum Farms with a variety of artisanal bread offerings by our cottage food establishment. Our bread is rustic with a focus on the four traditional ingredients of water, flour, salt, and yeast. As most of our products we love to offer, our artisanal breads include flower, seasonal and holiday inspired twists.

Handcrafted Holiday & Seasonal Wood Products

Going beyond our rows of flowers, and stepping away from our kitchen, we go further to offer more to celebrate the seasons and holidays with handcrafted wood products. We love working with beautiful hardwoods such as red oak and poplar sourced in the USA to create unique center pieces and decorations.

Spectrum Farms

Find our goods at our online store.

flower subscriptions, bread pre-orders, original swag, and more!

Farmers Markets and Farm Stands

In addition to our online store find us and our goods located at the following farmers markets and local farm stands.

Farmers Markets
  • Rehoboth Beach Farmers Market
  • Tidal Market (Frederica Farmers Market)
Farm Stands
  • Mason Farms Produce

For additional information on where you can find Spectrum Farms flowers and goods check out Spectrum Farms at Market at the below link.

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Follow us as we pursue our dream to make the most of our mid-Atlantic farmette to create traditions and make the most of enjoying life.

Chris & Ashley Sylvester