Flowers at Spectrum Farms

Locally Grown Specialty Cut Flowers

Our available cut flowers and arrangements are all locally grown on our farmette outside Felton, Delaware and change throughout the season.

Flowers at Market

We provide the opportunity for our customers to discover flowers at local farmers markets through providing fresh cut flowers and arrangements for purchase.

Explore what farmers markets you will be able to find us via the below link.

Going back to our roots.

We decided it was time to go back to our roots and put our farmette back to use in plant production. While the family owned property was once a tree nursery, our desire is to grow a spectrum of flowers and plants to provide our customers with the opportunity to bring nature and beauty into their homes to provide the same spaces of enjoyment that we love!

We are so excited to offer flower subscriptions for the 2023 growing season!

Flower Subscriptions

Our first subscription offering will be for early season flowers (late-spring / early-summer) and orders are now closed. Check back for our next flower subscription option which will be for summer season flowers.

add joy with a flower subscription

One of our missions at Spectrum Farms is to focus our work in areas that bring joy to costumers. We feel that providing subscriptions is one more area that has great potential to bring joy, whether purchasing a subscription for yourself, as a gift, or to brighten up the workplace.

Community Supported Agriculture

Those of you that are familiar with the term community supported agriculture (CSA) know that with every flower subscription ordered you are not only investing in your future happiness with fresh flowers, but you are investing in us, your local specialty cut flower farm.  

Chris & Ashley Sylvester
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