Cottage Food Establishment

Spectrum Farms,

a Cottage Food Establishment

We are a cottage food establishment that offers fresh baked small batch artisanal breads. These farm fresh breads focus on four traditional ingredients: flour, water, salt and yeast.

Rustic Boule Bread

We offer our favorite rustic boule bread at all our farmers markets we attend. When it comes to our boule bread we focus on the four traditional ingredients of flour, water, salt and yeast. The dough is hand mixed and prepared in small batches to capture the essence of artisanal bread. In addition to offering our favored bread at market, we also take custom orders for direct pick-up from our cottage food establishment here at Spectrum Farms!

How to purchase our bread

We offer direct sales from our farm and at markets we attend. For direct sales at our farm, we provide vouchers at our online store so that we can plan how much bread to make. These vouchers are offered for specific pop-up events and are listed at our online store for limited times, so make sure to join our artisanal bread email newsletter “The Daily Dough” as well as follow-us on our social media to know our next limited time offering.

We offer the following farm fresh artisanal breads:

Sunflower Focaccia Bread

Classic Focaccia Bread

Sunflower Boule Bread

Classic Boule Bread


Apricot Pecan Couronne

Custom Orders

We are always happy to work with clients interested in custom orders for an event or special occasion outside our normal offerings during farm pop-up events and at market!

Seasonal & Inspired Artisanal Breads

As is practice at Spectrum Farms, we love to celebrate the seasons and holidays and we even let this influence our breads. While still using our same rustic boule bread recipe, our artisanal breads have taken the shape of pumpkins, Thanksgiving turkeys, and Christmas Trees to name a few. It’s just as bread should be, tasty, fresh and festive! These are limited time offerings so make sure to check out our online store often and sign up for our artisanal bread email newsletter “The Daily Dough” to be the first to know what’s going on with the dough.